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Spiritual Life

September 2006 through June 2007

The information below regarding each lesson is also a link to the audio file for that lesson. To download the audio file (.mp3 format) simply right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As." You may also just click on the link to enjoy the lesson.

September 2006

9/3/2006 10:30 AM Identification of Believer; Satan's lies and Bibles' Truth Communion (incl silences)
9/3/2006 11:45 AM Identification of the Believer: overview, verses about who we are
9/10/2006 10:30 AM Identification of the Believer: scripture confirms who we are, our purpose; assurance
9/10/2006 11:45 AM no recording
9/17/2006 10:30 AM Assurance - hope comes from scripture - verses
9/17/2006 11:45 AM Assurance - confidence because we know we're saved; Jesus is the door to the Holy Place
9/24/2006 10:30 AM Hb 10:35-39 Confidence, endurance, and reward
9/24/2006 11:45 AM Tit 3:4-7; I Jn 5:9-13 assurance, God's mercy, spirit poured out, witness of man and God

October 2006

10/1/2006 10:30 AM I Jn 5:9-13 assurance and eternal life; Passover symbolism; Communion (incl silences)
10/1/2006 11:45 AM Nature of belief, by grace; sustaining faith brings reward; hope then works
10/8/2006 10:30 AM Review of assurance: examination of the verses; advantages of Hope
10/8/2006 11:45 AM Eternal security & perseverance; Calvinist vs evangelically orthodox view; verses
10/15/2006 10:30 AM Eternal security & perseverance; Challenge passages explained
10/15/2006 11:45 AM I Cor 15:1-4; 9:27; Hb 3:12-13; 2 Pt 2:20-21; Rv 3:2-5 Eternal security & perseverance; Challenge passages (recording fades after 30 minutes)
10/22/2006 10:30 AM Jas 2:14 Application of faith: what is faith, saving, justification, works
10/22/2006 11:45 AM Jas 2:15-20 Application of faith: refusal to apply faith; 3 arguments about works
10/29/2006 10:30 AM Jas 2:14-26 Application of faith: what is justification? illustration of Abraham
10/29/2006 11:45 AM Jas 2:15-26 Application of faith: illustration of Rahab; summary, mysticism

November 2006

11/5/2006 10:30 AM Mysticism: definition; purgative self denial; Communion (incl silences)
11/5/2006 11:45 AM Mysticism: illumination, contemplation, ineffability
11/19/2006 10:30 AM no recording
11/19/2006 11:45 AM Mysticism: Benjamin Warfield's "Mysticism and the Church"; rejects Truth; replaces with Pantheism
11/26/2006 10:30 AM no recording
11/26/2006 11:45 AM Baptism of the Holy Spirit; sanctification; indwelling ministry and the Word

December 2006

12/3/2006 10:30 AM Jn 13:1-11 Fellowship with God; foot/body washing in OT and NT
12/3/2006 11:45 AM I Jn 1 & 2 Confession of sin related to washing and fellowship
12/10/2006 10:30 AM Advantage of fellowship; confession, conclusion; indwelling of GHS
12/10/2006 11:45 AM no recording
12/17/2006 10:30 AM Eph 5:15-20; I Cor 2:4-5 self control; cult of Dionysus; true wisdom & joy
12/17/2006 11:45 AM I Cor 2:4-7 Paul's ministry: propositional Truth vs human wisdoms
12/31/2006 10:30 AM I Cor 2; Is 64 spiritual information and revelation from God is unique; the prayer and it's answer; GHS reveals
12/31/2006 11:45 AM common grace ministry of GHS; GHS and Bible work together to give lifestyle of wisdom

January 2007

1/7/2007 11:45 AM I Cor 2:14-3:3 men need God's grace to understand spiritual food; reasons for failure
1/14/2007 10:30 AM Gal 5:26 Mechanics of the Soul: input and conclusions; conscience is battleground; walking in Spirit
1/14/2007 11:45 AM Gal 5:16-19 Holy Spirit and the flesh; obedience to the Holy Spirit
1/21/2007 10:30 AM Gal 5:16-20 walking in the Spirit; the curse of the Law
1/21/2007 11:45 AM Gal 5:20-23 works of the flesh; fruit of the Spirit
1/28/2007 10:30 AM Gal 5:22-23 word study; scriptural example; realm of application; love and joy
1/28/2007 11:45 AM Gal 5:22-23 word study; scriptural example; realm of application; joy

February 2007

2/4/2007 10:30 AM I Pt 1:18-19 God's plan related to salvation; motivation to holiness; Communion (incl silences)
2/4/2007 11:45 AM Gal 5:22-23 fruit of the Spirit; word study, scriptural example, realms of application; Peace
2/18/2007 10:30 AM no sound
2/18/2007 11:45 AM Gal 5:22-23 fruit of the Spirit: word study, scriptural example, realms of application: patience, kindness
2/25/2007 10:30 AM Gal 5:22-23 fruit of the Spirit: word study, scriptural example, realms of application: kindness
2/25/2007 12:00 PM Gal 5:22-23 (Kiev report) fruit of the Spirit: word study, scriptural example, realms of application; goodness

March 2007

3/4/2007 10:30 AM imitate the character of Jesus Christ; Communion (incl silences)
3/4/2007 11:45 AM Gal 5:22-23 fruit of the Spirit: word study, scriptural example, realms of application: faithfulness, gentleness, self control
3/11/2007 10:30 AM I Th 5:14-21 quenching the Holy Spirit is related to despising the Word
3/11/2007 11:45 AM Eph 4:20-32 grieving the Spirit through destructive group sins; Walking in the Spirit
3/18/2007 10:30 AM Jn 15:1-5 abiding in Jesus and His Word; vinedressing, pruning and fruit
3/18/2007 11:45 AM Jn 15:5-13 abiding in Jesus and His Word; which fire? applications
3/25/2007 10:30 AM Jn 15 abiding in fellowship; "abiding" in John's writings
3/25/2007 11:45 AM I Cor 3 & 6 abiding in John's writings; temple is individual, church and universal

April 2007

4/8/2007 11:45 AM Resurrection motivates the spiritual life
4/15/2007 10:30 AM Rm 1&2 Reader's guide to Romans: unbeliever gentiles and Jews fall into unrighteousness
4/15/2007 11:45 AM Rm3-5 Reader's guide to Romans: true purpose of the Law; justification; Abraham & results
4/22/2007 10:30 AM Rm 6 Reader's guide to Romans: our new position in Christ
4/22/2007 11:45 AM Rm 6-7 Reader's guide to Romans: body as a weapon for sin or righteousness
4/29/2007 10:30 AM Rm 8:1-5 Reader's guide to Romans: Law of the Spirit vs law of the flesh
4/29/2007 11:45 AM Rm 8:1-18 Reader's guide to Romans: review; power and the result of living in the Spirit

May 2007

5/6/2007 10:30 AM Rm 8:9-11 Reader's guide to Romans: positional truth of salvation; Communion (incl silences)
5/6/2007 11:45 AM Rm 8:12-28 Reader's guide to Romans: sons of God; dead to the flesh; co-inheritors and sufferers
5/13/2007 10:30 AM Rm 8:18-25 meaningful motherhood; Reader's guide to Romans: restoration of earth
5/13/2007 11:45 AM Rm 8:23-39 Reader's guide to Romans: assistance of the Spirit; God's purpose and help; no condemnation or separation
5/20/2007 10:30 AM Rm 9:1-17 Reader's guide to Romans: Paul addresses Roman Jews; salvation not racial
5/20/2007 11:45 AM Rm 9:17- ch 12 Reader's guide to Romans: man's free will; necessity of faith; overview

June 2007

6/3/2007 10:30 AM Rm 14 Reader's guide to Romans: apply virtue love in doubtful things; Communion (incl silences)
6/3/2007 11:45 AM Rm 15-16; I Cor 3:16-17 Reader's guide to Romans: church unity; final matters; temple verses
6/10/2007 10:30 AM I Cor 6:9-20 Body as a temple; overview of ministries of GHS
6/10/2007 11:45 AM Overview of ministries of Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, to Jesus, and in the current age
6/17/2007 10:30 AM ministries of GHS in the church age: baptizing, sealing, gifting, indwelling