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Life of Christ

Pastor Perkins' Outlines On The Life of Christ Series

The "Life of Christ" series is one of the most extensive studies which we offer.  Pastor Perkins carefully translates and harmonizes each chunk of the Gospel narrative from all four Gospels, teaching what is truly unique from each, and at the same time demonstrating the compelling cohesion through the harmony.

Life of Christ Pericope List
Christ As The Head Of The Body
Demographic Setting
Historical Introduction to the Life of Christ
Introduction to the Four Gospels
An Agenda For Prayer
The Characteristics of a Mature Believer
Outline of Luke 11:14-36
Luke's Purpose For Writing A Gospel
A Third Blasphemous Accusation
The Sending of the Seventy
Christ as the Last Adam
Opposition From A Synagogue Ruler Regarding The Sabbath Outline
Healing Of A Man Born Blind Outline (MS Word Document)
John 9:13-34 Outline
John 10: 19-21 Outline Cost of Discipleship Outline